Where to begin?

Yeah who even knows? I am no professional writer or blogger for that matter so starting is going to be a bit… weird(?).

Okay here I go.

About 2 weeks ago I had this epiphany that I could make a difference. I wanted to impact people around me through simple, yet useful information. So here I am writing my first post.

I began reading, researching, and watching videos about supplements, meal prep, dieting, sports nutrition, fitness, health, diabetes, etc. Frankly it just lit a fire within me. I couldn’t get enough of this info and found myself spending hours trying to learn more. Then I was thinking ‘okay it’s time to really do this’. No time like now to commit and figure things out.

First step was making a personal committment/goal to introduce supplements into my diet and make a conscious effort to practice self-control.

  • Goal 1: Introduce supplements

I began taking CLA and L-Carnitine on a daily basis which I thoroughly researched and decided they might be good supplements to try. *Disclaimer: I am in Spain studying abroad and therefore did not want to drop $300 dollars on supplements while abroad so I picked up two from a local gym/supplement store. Had I been in the U.S. I would have made an online purchase through bodybuilding.com , Vitamin Shoppe, or gone in person to Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, or Active Nutrition.

  • Goal 2: Practice Self-Control

I filled my organizer with motivational reminders and make a conscious, daily effort to control myself when it comes to diet. Still needs work, but I am trying.

I will admit that I was going to hold off starting this all until after abroad finished, but I couldn’t resist or waste a moment more. I am hoping that January (when I return to school after the holidays) that my schedule and routine will become more set and successful. I will have the ability to control all aspects of my life when I am back at school.

That is all for now, short and sweet. Post #1 *check*!


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