Constantly Amazed

You guys… our bodies are so so soo impressive. Today I was feeling super sore from a gnarly leg workout yesterday and was feeling a tad unmotivated. I promised myself I would do cardio and run my legs out of their soreness. Not sure if that was a brilliant idea, but I am so glad I challenged myself. I went to the gym dreading the treadmill start to my workout. I set up my preferences and got my feet moving. 25 minutes into my 40 minute workout and I was feeling surprisingly strong and able. When I hit 36 minutes I began to have pain in my right knee and decided to stop at 40 minutes instead of my original hope of 45 minutes. Listening to my body was important, especially since I have struggled with knee issues/surgeries in the past. Still 40 minutes felt pretty darn good and my endorphin rush was fueling a high that I could not ignore. 

Sopping wet in sweat I went to the locker room to grab my other shirt and head to the weights. *Yes I bring two shirts, you don’t understand how much I sweat. And I am also a little OCD about gym germs so I like wearing long sleeves when I am using machines, mats, or free weights.* Anyways, I began to do my Chest/Shoulder/Back workout because I couldn’t fathom the idea of another leg day. I focused primarily on back and shoulders with a few chest exercises to break up the burn. I like mixing it up and shocking my muscles to prevent plateauing. I guess the reason for this post is to encourage you all to surprise yourself. Challenge yourself and your body will work for you if you don’t let your mindset fool you. Mental toughness is key to consistency and success in the gym, get comfortable with uncomfortable and you will impress yourself.

Short and sweet, just thought I’d share a little happy on this Wednesday!


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