Bunny Love

I want to give a little shout out to two awesome people that have inspired and motivated me in the fitness industry. Heidi Somers and Jen Heward are kind of rockstar humans who keep it 100 all the time. Their fitness accounts go by the names of Buff Bunny (Heidi) and Hunny Buns Fit (Jen). Not only do they kick ass in the gym, but they have great tips/advice that they include in their vlogs. I think the pair in particular stands out to me because they are two powerful women made in their own unique way, and they pointed this out in one of the vlogs they did together. Heidi is this little petite firecracker and Jen is a little taller and built with wider hips and shoulders. Both of them are insane gym junkies and when they get together it is an absolute party vlog of fitness, fun, and knowledge. Both of these fitness athletes have so much wisdom, knowledge, and experience to offer and all you have to do is watch their awesome videos. It’s like free coaching but better. I think it is so very important to give credit where it’s due, so this is just a little love I wanted to send out simply because I appreciate the work these to put in for their subscribers and their contagious love of fitness.

Oh and did I forget to mention they are both beautiful girls, inside and out!

(^*Not my photo, just a screen shot of one of the many amazing vlogs!)

Check them out, seriously you will not regret it. They are on YouTube, Instagram, and many other popular social media platforms.

Heidi’s Vlog
Jen’s Vlog