Why I am starting this  Blog-
Honestly, there is not a single one that I feel I relate to on everything. It’s not as pitiful as it may sound, but I am different and all these amazing fitness people have something in common: a “normal” bill of health. Yes, of course this an over-exaggeration; but I have a point. Being diabetic changes everything. That is my number 1 reason I am creating this, because I know T1D fitness enthusiasts exist but I cannot seem to find them on social media platforms. Another semi-false statement, they are there but they aren’t documenting about their fitness journey, health experience, nor diabetic related challenges in and out of the gym. So here I am, beginning to map unknown territory so that we Diabetics (and non-diabetics) can relate in various aspects of life. I want to document my journey in all its’ ugly and beautiful- real truth. Type U.no is going to document my adventure one low and high (pun intended for my fellow Diabetics) at a time.Looking for answers, information, experiences, someone to relate to, fitness topics, health topics, diabetic lifestyle, etc…?

This Blog is just the beginning of my health and fitness journey. I do not have a medical degree, sports nutrition degree, nor any current certifications. (Hopefully I will soon, that will be a surprise though!)

All I have to offer as of now is me and my health and fitness journey as a Type 1 Diabetic.